how do I sign up ?
  • 1.Find out!

    It's simple: go to the Innovation Labs Facebook page and read the rules!

  • 2.Make a movie!

    Answer this week entrepreneur's question by filming yourself in a short video - alone or with friends. You can use props or other helpful materials!

  • 3.Join!

    Post your video on your Facebook profile with the #antreprenorullunii hashtag and your chosen entrepreneur's hashtag. Join for several weeks and boost your chances of winning!

Entrepreneurship means courage to express yourself. Go beyond everyday life's boundaries and ... welcome to daredom and entrepreneurial imagination!

See what prizes we have for you!

Ce premii sunt în concurs ?

Jury's Prize

100 USD given weekly to a participant chosen by the Jury, formed of top entrepreneurs and professionals.

Raffle prize

Every week, two randomly chosen participants will win a branded backpack!

Participation prize

For every video posted in the contest, you win a pin. For every three videos, you win a branded notebook

Grand Prize

At the end of the contest, the Jury will give the Grand Prize, consisting of a business dinner with an entrepreneur of your choice!

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